Main Street singers Break Pizza Record to Fund Tours

The Main Street Singers found time between singing to break their selling record in their biannual pizza fundraiser this fall. According to Main Street Singer senior Jay Danver, the group sold about 1,500 pizzas in the fall of 2006. During this year’s fall fundraiser, the singing group sold about 1,800 pizzas.

The pizzas, which come with five different topping options that cost between $11 and $14, added this fall’s total sales up to about $20,000.

Each year the group makes and sells pizzas in the spring and fall to raise money for international tours the group takes together in the spring. Last April’s trip cost each student $3,000.

“100 percent of the money an individual earns through our fundraisers goes into their personal Main Street account,” Choir Director Mark Shaull said. “The money is then used to pay for a singer to travel on one of our tours.”

There are different opinions as to why the group collectively broke its record.

“Because we had so many new singers this year, they brought in a lot of new pizza buyers,” Main Street Singer senior Rachel Wolber said.

However, others feel there was no change.

“We didn’t really do anything different, marketing-wise, this year,” Jay said.

Shaull agrees.

“People were just feeling like pizza,” he said.