LSU Holds LUCHA Drug Awareness Night

The Latino Student Union (LSU) hosted a LUCHA drug awareness night on Tuesday, April 15, in the school cafeteria. The goal of the night was to inform Latino parents about the current issues on campus, mainly the increasing presence of drugs. A small student panel was held beforehand during which students were asked to share their experiences with drugs and relate how students may be exposed to them.

Due to language barriers, much of the night was also spent stressing the importance of communication and staying informed.

“It is important for parents to stay informed in order to take certain matters into their own hands,” LSU President Oliva Olivares said. “The problem with Latino parents is that because of the language barrier they can’t always get involved on campus and so are immediately pushed away from all the things they should be informed about. That’s why we have these LUCHA meetings on different topics, so we can keep them informed.”