LSU Holds Christmas Event With Twist

Latino Student Union (LSU) held a special Christmas event in the cafeteria last Friday, December 13. The event, called La Posada, involved not only students but their families as well. The event promoted bonding between students and between their families through a potluck-type dinner, with food brought by both LSU and the families.

“The event is mainly to bring families together to have some dinner and to bond,” LSU President junior Oliva Olivares said. “I think this is a really special event because we mainly do it for fun. We do it to celebrate Christmas and we add Latino traditions.”

One LSU tradition included was a traditional Mexican folklore dance, which was performed by LSU dancers and another group of three students. However, the event was not strictly traditional as Latino traditions were held along with Christmas traditions, with both Latino and non-Latino Christmas music and students dressed as Santa Claus and his elves.

La Posada is the last event of the year for LSU, as winter break is near. However, LSU plans to continue to host events similar to La Posada in the future.

“We have our traditional Cinco de Mayo celebration [in May],” Oliva said. “But there are definitely other events being planned out.”