LSU Helps ODFL Fundraise For Literacy Campaign

The Latino Student Union (LSU) raised $5,000 to help One Dollar for Life (ODFL) in a literacy campaign. The literacy campaign began last fall, when Stanford student Erica Fernandez spoke in the Eagle Theatre about underprivileged communities in Mexico without books.

“[Communities like these] can’t lift themselves up and they need help,” ODFL adviser and teacher Robert Freeman said. “If all of us can do a little, or donate one dollar, our combined efforts can create a much greater impact.”

This literacy campaign, which is part of Project Itzaes, provides literacy training to 6,000 people in 5 villages in the Yucatan in Mexico. The ODFL project raised $5,000 for books for the villagers.

“I feel that since [Fernandez] came to talk to us the fundraiser kicked off and couldn’t be more inspiring and motivating,” LSU Vice President junior Glenda Vargas said. “It opened the eyes of many of my classmates, and when the [donation box] went around classrooms jingling with money, it brought warmth to my heart knowing that a few bucks were changing futures.”

The books will be read by thousands of people and kids and will be circulated through all of the villages.

“Working with ODFL is a partnership that LSU would like to keep for future generations,” Glenda said. “Together, we’re changing lives.”