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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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LSU and LUCHA Work Together

At least once a month, the Latino Student Union (LSU), works with Latinos United Walking Forward (LUCHA) to help Latino parents become more involved in their kids’ education.

LUCHA, the Spanish-speaking PTA and parent outreach program at school, is an acronym which in English stands for Latinos United Walking Forward. During LUCHA’s monthly meetings, different topics are showcased, including workshops for parents, teaching them about their kids’ college choices, financial aid, the road to college and how to set up and navigate SIS accounts.

“LSU knew we needed an outreach to Latino parents because a lot of the time, when the school has an event, the parents don’t really have a chance to understand everything,” Vice President junior Glenda Vargas said. “So we just wanted to facilitate that kind of outreach relationship with the school.”

LSU Advisor Ariel Rojas believes that it is pivotal for parents and students to work together in the latter’s education.

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“The only way that students are going to be successful in high school is when their parents are involved in their education,” Rojas said. “We believe that when parents and students work together, there is a better result for them, so we try to encourage parents to be involved in their kids’ school life and education.”

LSU members involved with LUCHA act as translators, help with childcare and are part of presentations during these meetings.

“It’s really inspiring to do,” Glenda said. “Just to be able to help parents in a way so that they can connect with their students at school, makes us feel good. They’re helping their kids get a better education through what we do, and we’re happy to help.”

Rojas believes that this parent-student interaction is beneficial toward education.

“I think that by getting the students more involved to help parents get more involved, it creates more of a bond between students and parents,” Rojas said. “And at the same time, they’re both learning.”

LUCHA’s efforts have not only increased Latino parent involvement in the school, but have also helped Latino students as well.

“We’ve seen more parents around now, volunteering in the school, being more involved and asking more questions about their students,” Rojas said. “They’re coming to a point where they’re really getting engaged in the school and their kids’ education, which has resulted in more kids getting better grades and thinking about college more. It’s helping the kids look for new frontiers and believe in themselves.”

LSU President Salvador Chavez shares Roja’s belief in the importance of what LUCHA is doing.

“For LUCHA to be there, just for that extra support, in Spanish, for parents and students, I think is really valuable,” Salvador said. “LUCHA has definitely opened a lot of doors and connections in being more involved in the community.”

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