Los Altos to Display STEM Opportunities at Fair


Hassib Rangeen

The Robotics Team shows off one of its robots at Club Day. Robotics, along with other STEM courses and clubs, will present what they do at tomorrow’s STEM Fair. Talon file photo.

By Justin Yu, Senior Writer

Los Altos will host its first STEM Fair near the 600 wing tomorrow at lunch. The fair will feature STEM courses and clubs, including Advanced Scientific Investigations (ASI), Biotech, Robotics, and 3D Design and Prototyping.

As part of STEM Week, the fair intends to showcase STEM opportunities students can access on campus, especially since Los Altos’ engineering department is expanding. This year, the fair will only feature Los Altos classes, but in the future, fair coordinator and chemistry teacher Danielle Paige hopes to bring in local colleges and organizations.

“Sometimes we feel that it might be daunting for students to listen to these [STEM Week] speakers,” Paige said. “Students think ‘I have all these years of college to get through and all these things I still have to accomplish. How do I even get started?’

“We wanted to give students an opportunity to realize that our school does provide classes that help you get started. It’s a nice way for [students signing up for classes] to realize what classes are actually like instead of just a description on a piece of paper.”

During the fair, students currently enrolled in the classes will showcase what they learn in class. For Robotics and 3D Design and Prototyping, students will give tours of their new equipment and rooms. ASI plans to bring lab equipment out to show other students the types of projects the course allows for.

“I’m trying to have everything staffed by students, not by teachers so that it really gives students an opportunity to talk to students who are in these classes,” Paige said. “[Prospective students  could ask,] ‘Hey what is it like? What are you learning? Why did you decide to take this class?’”