Los Altos girls volleyball teams score two wins against Terra Nova to start the season


Ellie Ji

The Los Altos varsity team huddles for a cheer before the game starts. The Eagles scored a 3-0 win.

Los Altos High School’s girls volleyball teams hosted the Terra Nova Tigers last week , marking the Eagles’ first game of the season. The junior varsity team won 2–0 while the varsity team dominated in a 3–0 win.

“I think that this season our team has really great chemistry,” team captain senior Shannon McCabe said.“We have a certain team spirit we’ve lacked in the past. We’re all willing to work really hard.​​ I think we’re ready.”

As the captains gathered their team into their final huddle for the night, before the starting whistle rang out, the Eagles made sure to step on each other’s sneakers — a new pre-game tradition. The scoreboard glared bright at 0–0, and six of the girls rushed into a formation. With another whistle, the first game of the season ticked down.

Freshman Aviya Russo, the only freshman member of the varsity team, was quick to impress the crowd as Los Altos’ offense took the reins within the first set.

The constant cheers and support from pass to pass surged as the Eagles reached double digits before the Tigers with a six point scoring streak. The first set ended 25–18 for a Los Altos win.

On the court, the ball continued passing numerous times, yet with a split second block, set two ended with strong defensive representation from sophomores Ruby Border and Lila Neugebauer. With well upheld defense, the second set ended 25-16.

Following the Eagles’ outstanding defensive performance, this last set ended 25–16 again with more power hits than early. The team won three out of the five total sets.

“We did a really good job having high energy and just like giving it our all the whole game,” Shannon said. “We definitely have some things to work on. But overall, I think everyone came out with their best selves and just did their job.”

Despite their team spirit paired with overall individual contributions, Shannon has high hopes for more communication from all members for the next game.

The Varsity team will be bringing their energy to their tournament against Fremont High School this Saturday.