Los Altos Crushes Facebook Page Garners Student Interest

On Sunday night, students began seeing a new Facebook community, titled “Los Altos Crushes,” in their news feeds. The page founder began by using a counterpart “Los Altos Crushes” profile to send friend requests to students. After drawing enough attention to the community, the founder posted instructions on the community page on how students can anonymously submit confessions through Tumblr. As of Tuesday night, the page has published 146 confessions and garnered 373 likes and counting.

“I saw that other schools [like Gunn and Paly] were doing this, and it looked really fun and like it could boost confidence or at least just provide some lighthearted laughs for the school,” Los Altos Crushes founder said. “I think the secrecy creates a special community amongst the students.”

The page founder spoke to The Talon on condition of anonymity, citing concerns of association with the posts’ content. Currently, the founder is the only person who regulates the page. Students can send crush confessions to the related Tumblr linked on the Facebook page. The page founder then sees each submission without knowing the sender’s identity, and chooses the submissions that are posted on the Facebook page.

“I don’t [want to] be the new Gossip Girl or start some huge drama page where people are getting hurt,” Los Altos Crushes founder said. “I just wanted to create something fun, but of course, people will try to push the limits. I’ve actually received a lot of really hurtful messages towards other people, but I’ve made sure to only post the ones that seem genuine or are funny but don’t go too far.”

As for the lifespan of the page, the founder predicts that the hype around Los Altos Crushes will be short-lived.

“I feel like this will probably die down in a week or so,” Los Altos Crushes founder said. “I’ll have my fun while it lasts, but I don’t think it will last too long.”