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Logan Kim

February 27, 2020

Another newcomer to “High School Musical”—though mostly in age and not so much experience—was freshman Logan Kim who secured the major role of Chad Danforth.

Logan is no stranger to theater, having started in fourth grade. For a while, theater was nothing more than, as he puts it, “messing around” until he auditioned for a community show in eighth grade.

From then on—and after more involvement in the summer—Logan’s relationship with theater changed. Before, he explained, he was consistently involved but his “heart and soul” wasn’t going into the activity. Now, he’s begun to, more and more, appreciate the process, the people and the effect these shows can have.

“There’s a really rewarding feeling walking out the doors after a show and having people congratulate you and seeing that they’ve enjoyed it,” Logan said. “It’s a very rewarding thing that both you and other people enjoyed it.”

“High School Musical,” which many grew up watching, no doubt entertained many. But, it was different from other shows Logan’s been in. “High School Musical” had been, as he saw it, much higher caliber, with an accelerated timeline, higher expectations and more ambitious goals. The intensity didn’t make it any less fun for Logan and, next year, he intends to try out for Broken Box and continue his theater career at Los Altos.

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