Lockers Vandalized Over Break

A number of students came to school to find their lockers vandalized today, April 16. Graffiti was evident, as many of the locks were found missing and the metal latches clipped off, making lock replacements impossible. So far, 33 students have come forward to report damaged lockers.

“At first, we all thought it was a personal attack because we didn’t know other people who got their locker vandalized,” sophomore Charlotte Arrouye said. “But it seems to be really random–some freshmen, some sophomores, some guys too.”

Only some lockers showed significant content damage.

“Nothing from my locker was stolen, but I had a white board with a pen and they drew all over it and wrote weird messages,” Charlotte said. “In my friend’s locker they put macaroni and cheese or lotion in it, and [from] another friend they stole a picture.”

As of now, the vandals have not been caught and administration is looking into the problem. The students were given different lockers with new locks to use temporarily.

[Photos by Amelia Evard]