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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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Live, laugh, love high school: Ellie’s back-to-school edition

Sofia Lee
In The Talon’s print issue releasing this Friday, September 8, the depicted graphic was not credited. We apologize for the mistake and the crediting is properly attributed to the artist on our website. 


Welcome back to school whether you’re familiar with campus or not…and here’s some advice from your senior on how to not get lost 101!

One. Strangers can always be new friends. This isn’t to say it’s always easy to strike up a conversation, but remember that when you step foot on campus, you’re not alone. Everyone else around you is on the same boat. Whenever you can, take interactions with strangers as opportunities to meet new people. You’re new to them in the same way they’re new to you. 

Advice #1: Sometimes, you should talk to strangers — it can be step one of starting crazy high school adventures (together).

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Two. Find what works for you. My lowest point was when I had neither the motivation nor organization to succeed at school. I remember my routine: I would go home from school, lay on my bed and do absolutely nothing. As second semester hit, my New Year’s Resolution was to piece myself back together. This started with stacks of colorful Post-It notes on my laptop and grew to be a system that involved my Notes app and note-taking apps. My grades started to trend upwards and my perception of everything improved once I tried new organization methods.

Advice #2: Make use of tools that help you organize your schoolwork and goals. Some examples include Notion, Obsidian, your Notes app and even Post-It notes.

Three. I know it’s corny, but high school is your chance to experiment and find the best version of yourself. Growing up includes high school and in many ways, it’s the catapult into the best and worst times. Honestly, I could probably name at least one thing I hated about each class I ever took — I was always caught up in the stress of high school and never opened my eyes to what experiences they have given me. I blinked and saw all my best friends grow up, I blinked and saw myself grow up. Sure, I’m not much taller than I was in middle school, but saying “back in those days” feels real when new waves of freshmen walk on campus each year. Trust me, there will be things you dread about going back to school, over and over. But in four years you’ll be out of high school and off to your future adventures. 

To the freshmen: Yes, I guarantee the upperclassmen have laughed at your naivety, but they also know that they were in your shoes once too.

Make memories. Put in the effort to make this year the best year yet, and to make each year even better. Even if  high school feels like being suffocated under  the complexity of science labs and derivatives, find the simplicity of that fun to keep grounded.

Advice #3: Never hold yourself back and always let yourself grow. 

Sometimes, it takes me a second to admit that highschool can be fun if you learn how to live, laugh and love here.

With love,

Your senior Ellie Ji

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