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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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In the past few weeks, Jeremy Lin has provided us Bay Areans with a chance to see a local star perform on a national scale. Immediately after his first win against the Nets, Linsanity swept across the country. The NBA success of Lin sent the Bay Area (and the rest of the world) into a frenzy.

In so many ways, from his Asian American status to being a Harvard alumnus, Lin is one of the most unique players in the NBA. This uniqueness has gained him the support of a huge variety of fans, from dedicated followers to casual fans. For awhile, it seemed that Kobe Bryant was the only person in the country that hadn’t heard of the Linsanity that was taking hold of the nation.

But in the past few weeks, the Jeremy Lin fascination has died down. After eight turnovers in the game against the Miami Heat and getting shut down by Lebron James, many critics were quick to declare Linsanity “over,” and brush Lin’s story aside as a passing sports fad.

However, the critics that have disregarded Lin’s success and predicted his downfall are missing something important about the style of Lin’s game.

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Buzzer beaters and flashy plays are not what define Jeremy Lin. Although he captured the attention of the nation with his intensity and passion, Lin is not a player built for flashy highlight reels and fancy dunks.

What has made Lin such a huge phenomenon is his humility, drive and team play. While other NBA players are trash talking, Lin spends interviews thanking God and giving praise to his teammates, and has turned down interviews at pop magazines like GQ to avoid hype.

Lin’s humility is what makes him so affable; however, it doesn’t make him stand out with flashy highlights when he plays. Critics have written that he hasn’t stood out on the court in the past few weeks; however, a closer look shows that he has actually become a more consistent addition to the Knicks. Lin’s continued and consistent successes have proved that he is more the latest sports fad. Every night, he has shown himself as a consistent player that can make real contributions to an NBA roster—even as opposing teams are dedicating more time and effort to defending him.

The craziness and unpredictability of Linsanity might be over. Lin has shown that he is, in fact, human, and can be shut down. However, Lin’s team play and drive will make him a lasting player in the NBA for years to come. And while he may not be as aggressive or flashy as other stars, he is a far more valuable addition than any of the one man shows that are paid millions to break up team chemistry.

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