Library Receives $10,000 Tech Grant

Several weeks ago, the library received a $10,000 grant from Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) in order to purchase technology for the library. A wide range of equipment will be purchased with the grant money, including a laptop cart, E-reference books, desktop computers, Adobe software, film studio equipment, a projector screen, an Epson wireless printer and a flat screen television.

Prior to the grant, the library compiled a list of equipment needs and looked to the student body for suggestions as well. The most popular proposal was to purchase Macbook Pros, but due to the district’s strict policy of being on a single platform throughout all of the district schools, the library will be looking to purchase new PCs and other compatible equipment instead.

This new equipment will go towards turning librarian Gordon Jack’s plans for the library into reality.

“We want to create an area for people to create and design projects,” Jack said. “Now what we’ll do is find some nice PC computers … and create a suite so people can work there.”

Jack also has visions for the flat screen television that the library will be purchasing.

“We’re going to put up a flat screen television that will project announcements, club meetings [and] student work,” Jack said. “It’d be nice to have an ongoing slideshows of things that are going on at the school, as a way to promote school events.”

Jack said that he hoped the sudden influx of technology will add to not only the academic life of students but also to student culture.

“I feel very, very grateful and excited … that parents are supporting us in this way,” Jack said. “I think this will add a lot more to what we can offer students in our library.”