Library Holds Amnesty from Fees Week

If you’re too scared to go to the library because of those fees racked up from third grade, the time has come where you can step into the library fee-free.

This week, October 17 to 23, as part of the national Teen Read Week, the Los Altos Public Library and all libraries in the Santa Clara County Library district will be waiving the overdue fines of anyone who is 12 to 19 years old.

The goal of this offer is to increase teen reading, by providing students with a clean slate.

“[Students are] afraid to go to the library if they owe a book,” school librarian Nina Waite said.

The hope is that teens will be at the library reading, with the understanding that there isn’t a librarian asking for their fines. The library wishes for teens to visit the library during the Teen Read Week.

However, this offer only applies to books that have been at home or have a fee on them. If a student has misplaced or damaged a book, then they must reimburse the library for that charge.

This is a rare event that takes place in libraries and all students are encouraged to visit the library to waive their charges.