Levi’s Stadium: An Arena Fit for Silicon Valley

Built in the shadow of Silicon Valley, it only makes sense that the San Francisco 49ers football team be outfitted with state-of-the-art technology, developed and integrated by the local companies that have made this region renowned for innovation. The 49ers’ old Candlestick Park is a far cry from the newly constructed and highly advanced arena standing in Santa Clara today.

Firms like Brocade Communication Systems created a Wi-Fi and IT network for the stadium that is capable of providing a stable connection to over 70,000 fans. Currently, the Wi-Fi capacity installed has four times the NFL stadium standard, which means more fans will have a fast and reliable experience while they are within the stadium.

The expanded wireless capacity gives fans opportunities to utilize mobile applications like the ones created by Adept Technologies. Such mobile apps allow fans to order food directly to their seats, manage their tickets and parking spots and even control the camera angle of the game on their device, making the user experience in Levi Stadium more efficient and convenient.

Junior Cole Botsford has already experienced three games in Levi’s Stadium and commented on many facets of the stadium that he enjoyed.

“The app works great,” Cole said. “[It’s] easy-to use and I liked it. I didn’t order food but the instant replay [feature] was cool.”

Also included in the stadium app is a new way of watching the game, which features options such as instant replay and adjustable camera angle of the game on your device.

In addition to the many advances to mobile technology, Levi’s Stadium was built with sustainability and the environment in mind. Equipped with over 1,000 solar panels and the first green roof in NFL history, Levi Stadium is predicted to be com- pletely self-sustainable.

The designers of the stadium have even integrated grass that is 50 percent more water-efficient and have furnished the suites with reclaimed wood from Moffett field, just down the road. With its 27,000 square feet of green energy space, it is no wonder that this $1.2 billion behemoth has been dubbed the “smartest” stadium in the NFL by Associated Press.

Levi’s Stadium has also constructed many perks for the average fan to enjoy. The colossal arena includes an extensive 49ers museum, gluten-free concession options and an open design fabricated to optimize crowd noise. There is a noticeable amount of thought that has been put into the stadium’s minute details which goes beyond expectation, reflecting positively in fans’ impressions.

“It’s the loudest stadium I’ve ever been in,” Cole said. “The food is great, the fans are loud and the stadium is amazing.”

Of course, the impressive mobile and green technology within Levi Stadium are important factors contributing to the experience, but pale in comparison to the crowd’s reactions to the game and their enthusiasm for their team. The stadium is very young and hopefully all of the hard work and ingenuity has paid off to create the perfect environment to foster its fans’ energy.