Letters From Your Class President Candidates


Kiera Gowers, Channing Hautop, Andrew Campos, Maya Horton, Francis Ruan, Michael Leff, Ellie Choi, Arathi Naga, Shakti Ann Kanyal

Here are this year’s Class Council President candidates. From left to right: Kiera Gowers, Channing Hautop, Andrew Campos, Maya Horton, Francis Ruan, Michael Leff, Ellie Choi, Arathi Naga, Shakti Ann Kanyal.

The Talon asked all the Class President Candidates to write a statement to the student body. Here are their responses, lightly edited for clarity. The Talon has not corroborated the reasonability of all promises and other statements made by candidates. 

Dear Freshman Class,

My name’s Ellie Choi and I’m running to be your Class Council President. I am running because I believe that I can step up to be the leader that we need to have an awesome and fun sophomore year. You should vote for me because of the new event ideas I have to further improve our class’s fundraising as well as make the experience at lahs even better. Vote for me if you want a great year that you get to have a say in! (Ellie Choi)

Hi, it’s Shakti Ann Kanyal. I am running for Sophomore Class President because I want to make school fun for everyone. It saddens me that many people do not enjoy school. I feel like with my ideas and involvement with all sorts of people I could create many fun events while also targeting all types of people and including everyone. I also believe that everyone deserves a fun high school experience which I can help with by finding somewhere they could participate, help out, and make new friends. Let’s make school fun again, vote for Shakti Ann. (Shakti Ann Kanyal)

As someone who loves being involved at LAHS, being in the position of Freshman Class President has been an amazing experience! This year, I’ve challenged myself to become the best president I could be. Next year, I hope to build on that experience by planning fun and creative events based on the incoming Sophomore Class wants! Vote for me, Arathi Naga for Sophomore Class President! (Arathi Naga)

Dear Sophomore Class,

I decided to run because I want to work with the Associated Student Body (ASB) on hosting more school events (outside of just our annual rallies), to plan the Council well and host a creative Homecoming. As Class Council Secretary for 2 years, I have the experience to know what to expect in the coming year and have honed my planning skills through working on dances, rallies, and Homecoming activities. I think next year will be great and hope you vote for me! (Maya Horton)

I am running to make Los Altos High School (LAHS) better and more exciting for high school students. I am a man of change but also of the people. They should vote for me because they are voting for themselves and their benefit. Voting for me will only benefit them. Vote Michael Leff for a better LAHS. (Michael Leff)

The reason why people should vote for me is because I truly care about what goes on at this school. I work hard and I care about my class a lot. While the other two candidates are fine, the reason I am different is because I will go out of my way to make Junior year a better experience for us all. During every rally, I make it my personal goal to make it the loudest, most spirited, and best rally it can be for my class. I have personally spent hundreds of dollars on spirit gear from my pocket. My main goal next year is to truly have a less stressful experience. How can you expect someone to do their homework or participate in class if that is worth little to no percentage of your grade? If we lowered test weight and increased class participation weight, we would see better test results as more people will actively participate and engage. If you want someone to stand up and speak out for change, I truly do wish you would vote for me. (Francis Ruan) 

Dear Junior Class,

I’m running for Senior Class President because I want to make our class and community more united, inclusive and fun. I feel that our school in particular has recurring issues with our sense of spirit and community within our student body. With the role of Class President, I feel that task becomes much more possible. I have extensive leadership experience on and off campus, including 3 years of ASB experience, Sophomore and Junior Class President, National Honor Society (NHS) member, and Service League of Boys member. I’m passionate about my school and my class and feel I have the drive and skills necessary to maximize the potential of what our class can be. (Andrew Campos)

I am running to be Senior Class President because I want to make a difference. I have been working towards this since Freshman year and have devoted so much of my time to this school and community. I am ready to take on this role with integrity and excitement. People should vote for me because I am committed. Leadership has always been a passion of mine and something I genuinely enjoy doing. My years of experience will make for a qualified and easy going president. I will advocate for you. I will bring your ideas and concerns to the appropriate people and I will not hesitate to bring up controversial issues. I want you to feel like you are being heard, because your voice and opinion is all that matters. (Kiera Gowers)

I am running for Senior Class President because I want to give the entire Senior Class the most enjoyable experience in their final year of high school. People should vote for me because I have years of leadership experience in other organizations, and I have lots of school spirit that will drive me into uniting our student body, which will promote student well-being and our school spirit. (Channing Hautop)