‘Let It Rock’ Winter Stag Dance Proves to Be a Success Despite Its Poor Timing

In past years, the winter dance has been known for its notoriously low student turnout. However, this year’s rock star themed stag dance soared beyond past winter dance expectations.

The winter dance was held last Friday from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the large gym. It was sponsored by the class of 2010, and was assigned the theme ‘Let it Rock’. Tickets were $8 with an ASB card, and $10 without for the first week that tickets were on sale. The prices were raised $2 respectively after that.

Though a good number of students complained about the fact that the dance was held on the night before the SATs, the turnout of students did not seem to be affected much by the poor timing of the event.

Senior Jenny Love is just one of many students who considered the dance an enjoyable way to spend her Friday night.

“It was pretty fun, I thought,” Jenny said. “[There] was a good turn out, but the DJ wasn’t as good as some other dances.”

According to Jenny, a good number of students from every grade attended the dance, and students dressed up as rock stars could be seen mingling and dancing in every corner of the gym.

“A lot of the students wore band t-shirts … and tight pants or leggings,” Jenny said.

The decorations, undoubtedly put up by hard-working class of 2010 students, boosted the atmosphere and overall mood of the dance.

“They had white lights spelling out ‘Let it Rock on the walls, and they had CD and record cases in the lobby, so that was good,” Jenny said.

Although the dance may not have been the most popular or best-timed dance of the year, the effort put into the decorations and theme by the Junior Class definitely pulled it through.