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Laufey just wants to be human in her new single “Goddess”

Gus Philippas via Flickr
Laufey sings at Laufey Live at the Fordham University’s Voice (WFUV) Public Radio. Her newest single “Goddess,” conveys raw, unfiltered emotion in an ethereal story about a traumatic past love.

Laufey has officially ascended to her rightful deified status. With her new single “Goddess,” released on Wednesday, March 6, the Icelandic-Chinese jazz-pop star explores an unexpected side of her storytelling.

As her most recent release following her duet with singer Beabadoobee, “A Night to Remember,” Laufey described the piece as her “most honest song yet.” And as an avid “Lauver,” (Laufey’s fandom) this honesty (and trauma) has brought forth what I believe to be one of her greatest tracks yet.

“Goddess” carries a simple yet ethereal effect with just a soft choir and an acoustic jazz-style piano throughout the first half of the song. Laufey’s trademark soulful voice echoes in harmony with the seemingly tranquil beginning.

The lyrics starkly contrast the mesmerizingly silky sound, however, as the singer describes a traumatic past romantic relationship.

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She describes her persona as a singer to be her “goddess” form, while off-stage, she is just “human.” Her lover, however, hurts her deeply by only loving her for her on-stage identity, while not acknowledging her simply as a human being — “You took a star to bed / Woke up with me instead.”

While Laufey has always been known for her relatable lyricism, the raw hurt and betrayal delivered in “Goddess” are things the singer has never explored with listeners before — and it is most certainly “honest.”

As the song progresses towards the bridge and ending climax, the instrumentals suddenly begin to match the emotions conveyed by the lyrics as well. Listeners are suddenly thrown into a burst of tragically beautiful orchestral strings, mixed with desperate, angry choruses singing out.

Laufey’s vocal ability also truly shines in this climax, as she portrays an almost unrefined tone in the palpable intensity of her emotions. One of her highest notes in the song is in this apex moment; “And now you know I’m not / your f*ck*ng goddess” revealing her vulnerability as her technique as an artist intertwines with raw storytelling to listeners.

If “Bewitched,” Laufey’s previous album, was a quiet, regretful tale of lost lovers and longing for what could have been, “Goddess” is a wrathful, passionate narrative.

“Goddess,” the pre-released single from the upcoming album, “Bewitched: Goddess Edition,” gives fans a taste of the boundaries that Laufey seems to be breaking down in her musicality; and “Lauver” or not, listeners should look forward to more.

“Bewitched: Goddess Edition” releases on Friday, April 26.

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