Latino Student Union Plans Cinco de Mayo Celebration

On Friday, May 4, the Latino Student Union (LSU) is scheduled to host their annual Cinco de Mayo celebration after school in the quad.

The celebration will include dance performances, a DJ, games and food.

This will be LSU’s third year hosting this event on campus, and members have spent lunches and seventh periods getting the festival together.

The purpose of the festival is to bring together the community and create a general awareness of Latino culture. Previously this ceremony solely hosted outside performers, but this year, LSU has opened up the performances to students as well.

“Even though the celebration is about representing the community, we want it to also show a strong representation of our school,” LSU president Glenda Vargas said.

Sophomore Laura Yedra will be singing and LSU choreographers sophomore Estephani Gomez and junior Ana Herrera are preparing a performance as well.

In representing the school and the community, the celebration will host student clubs who wish to fundraise. In funding such an event which allows participants from across the school and local community, LSU is able to bring a diverse student population to the celebration.

“I was excited to see new faces [last year] because it isn’t only about bringing Latinos [together] … it is about bringing people who don’t know about it,” Glenda said. “It’s always good to know where you are coming from and reminds you to be proud of who you are.”

Over the years, the celebration has grown, and this year it has allowed LSU to generate revenue for scholarships for senior sashes. Normally money made through sales goes toward Camp Everytown scholarships, but currently the club raising funds for more scholarships in general.

“Latino students have a great academic potential and we want them to feel supported,” Glenda said.