Latino Student Union Hosts Informational Meeting on Recent Laws Concerning Undocumented Immigrants

The Latino Student Union (LSU) hosted an informational meeting concerning undocumented immigrants today, November 27. The event, which took place in the school cafeteria at 5:30 p.m., brought in approximately 75 families. The presentation consisted of important information on various legislation passed recently that will affect undocumented residents.

Because there are many people in Los Altos and Mountain View that are affected by the new laws being passed, LSU felt that it was important for all students and community members to be informed on what is happening.

“It is a big deal in our community,” LSU President senior Glenda Vargas said. “We want to provide information [because] especially with the new law, Deferred Action, there seems to be a lot of confusion over the requirements. A lot of people fear that they might get deported because they see that they are undocumented. It is a really sensitive topic.”

At tonight’s event, Deferred Action along with the Dream Act and AB 540 were discussed by different organizations specializing in information on these laws. These organizations include both the Community in Action Team and the Immigration Rights and Education Network, which provided legal information on these acts.

“I just ask for students here at Los Altos to be very accepting of the fact that many people are going through this right now,” Glenda said.