Latin Students Visit Greece and Italy Over Summer

Twelve students from the Latin classes took a recreational trip over the summer to visit Greece and Italy. The trip lasted nine days, from Thursday, July 12 to Saturday, July 21. Latin teacher Krista Greksouk and history teacher April Fritz served as chaperones.

In Greece, students visited Athens before visiting Delphi, an archeological site. In Italy, they spent time in Sorrento, Rome and the island of Capri. The students and chaperones took buses, trains and a tram to get around, and to reach the island of Capri, took an overnight ferry.

Many students felt like it was a worthwhile trip, saying that they were able to bond with each other to create stronger friendships, while also being able to sightsee in the two countries.

“You got to experience what it’s like–at least a little bit–outside of our Los Altos bubble,” junior Aidan Mahoney said.

Junior Daniel Golub said that the trip allowed the students, who had previously only read about these cultures, to experience them first hand. The students had free time to wander around the cities, which gave them a better understanding of Greek and Italian culture compared to if they had just visited the tourist attractions.

“Some of the more quiet and out-of-the way places made me feel immersed in the Italian and Greek culture,” Daniel said.