LAHS’s ongoing construction brings 600-wing student traffic


Rohan Vaswani

Students walk to and from the 600-wing building through a single hallway between the campus pool and 500-wing buildings, and are seen packed together in the student traffic.

Construction continues to be in progress around the newly built 600-wing this year, causing students to face distracting noises throughout their classes and traffic jams walking in and out from hallways surrounding the 600-wing. Students began taking engineering, culinary and social studies classes in the 600-wing this year after Los Altos High School’s on-campus construction over the summer.

An auxiliary gym and multipurpose space located in the 600-wing — originally predicted to be complete by the end of this summer in the phase one construction plan — will finish in “another month or so,” according to Associate Superintendent of Business Services Mike Mathiesen. With the back entrance of the 600-wing inaccessible because of the closed-off fields, students can only enter from the 500-wing side.

“As soon as I get down the stairs [of the 600-wing], it’s like people, people, people everywhere; you have to shove your way through to even get close to where you want to end up,” sophomore Hailey Knauss said. “Being that close to other people still kind of freaks me out with the new COVID variant going around, so I definitely don’t feel comfortable.”

The current administration buildings located in the front of the school have been torn down for a future student services building, and new stairs for the 700-wing building have been constructed.

See our photo essay below to view the ongoing construction — and the student traffic pervading the 600-wing — at LAHS in the first weeks of school.