LAHS Teacher Named MVLA Teacher of the Year

The Mountain View Los Altos (MVLA) Union High School District named LAHS teacher Christa Wemmer MVLA Teacher of the Year today, May 29 for her dedication to the MVLA community and students.

For many years, Wemmer has been a Social Studies teacher at LAHS, an Avid Director and creator of the Opportunity Program, a program dedicated to aiding sophomore students who struggle to keep up with the mainstream curriculum. The Opportunity Program won a County Award of Excellence.

“Christa is the rare teacher who lives and breathes for her students,” Vice Principal Cristy Dawson said in a press release. “The older student tutors she gathers to work in small groups are incredible. They build rapport and skills that will serve Christa’s kids throughout the year, as well as in their future academic endeavors.”

Wemmer is also involved in the Ninth Grade Core Team, a team that helps underachieving students with keeping up with the standards and is devoted to making sure that students are able to understand the curriculum.

“Christa’s work, along with that of the other teachers and volunteers on the Ninth Grade Core Team, has made an enormous difference in the lives of students who would otherwise be at risk of failing out of the system,” the press release said. “Her belief that all students can succeed and willingness to find inventive ways to meet their needs makes Christa an excellent teacher and colleague.”