LAHS Student Opinions

These quotes were taken from an anonymous poll administered by The Talon.


How the media has boosted students’ opinions of Trump:

“1) He says the truth how it is and doesn’t care what people think of him, 2) He has addressed a very large problem in our country that needs to be solved very quickly: immigration.”

“Donald Trump has the willingness to take decisive action where others are not. He doesn’t let things like diplomacy or caution get in his way, which is both good and bad.”

“He’s funny.”

“He isn’t afraid to say what he believes.”


How the media has diminished students’ opinions of Trump:

“Although it was funny to see him running at first, he’s just become annoying now. It’s a shame that people are actually considering a celebrity who constantly makes racist and sexist remarks for the leader of this country.”

“Even though I think all the stuff he says is funny, he is really really dumb when it comes to politics or anything besides how to make money.”

“I view him as a threat to my race even though I was born here.”

“I simply do not agree with his views. I do not think building a huge wall would be economical.”