LAHS Named California Distinguished School

The MVLA district announced in a press release today, April 17, that Los Altos High School had been named a California Distinguished School by the California Department of Education. The school earned this distinction for its rigorous education program, as well as its commitment to closing the achievement gap.

“In addition to earning top scores in California’s Academic Performance Index, Los Altos High was recognized for two ‘signature practices’ aimed at increasing the achievement of Latino students, and students who enter high school below grade level,” the school district wrote in its press release. “Of the many outstanding programs offered at Los Altos High, the staff chose to highlight the work of the Latino Student Union, the Latino parent group, LUCHA and also the work of the 9th Grade Core/Academic Support program in its application.”

After the school met the required API score, the school then submitted descriptions of programs in place which helped to close the achievement gap. Schools are rewarded only for programs already in place. In March, representatives from the Santa Clara County Office of Education visited Los Altos High to meet with students, parents and staff, as well as assess the school’s academic environment and campus climate. A school can be eligible for the California Distinguished School award every four years.