Lacrosse Surpasses Gunn

The lacrosse team defeated Gunn by a wide margin of 14-7 on Friday, April 19.

The Eagles came off to a smooth start, scoring multiple goals within the early moments of the game. By the end of the first half, the Eagles had secured a 6-1 lead, and had been in possession of the ball for the majority of the game. Gunn would quickly recover in the third quarter, but this success was too little, too late.

“By the end of the third quarter, Gunn was in reach of beating us but we held up,” said junior Ben Hastings.

Points aside, the mutual tension between the two teams also characterized the game. This anxiety manifested itself physically, and the game was studded with multiple penalties on both sides.

“It was a very physical game with lots of hard checks being thrown by both teams,” junior co-captain Casey Hanni said.

Hoping to retain this momentum for leagues, the Eagles will face Woodside, on April 23 at Los Altos.