Lacrosse Club Slings Its Way Onto Campus

Not many people have heard of lacrosse, except for its reference in the movie “Mean Girls.” However, juniors Molly McShane and Kiran Rishi, who both played lacrosse at their previous schools, decided to create a club to spread interest in this unique sport. This is the first year for the club, but members have hopes to continue and to eventually make a school lacrosse team.

“We wanted to make a lacrosse team, but it is not recognized as a sport [at the school],” Kiran said. “Right now we want to gain interest and publicize the sport.”

According to Athletics Director Kim Cave, it will be very difficult to make lacrosse an official sport at the school.

“You have to consider field space, finding a coach, uniform and working with the district,” Cave said.

According to Kiran, there are approximately 10 members in the club who attend regularly and meet every Friday at lunch in room 718.

According to sophomore Tricia Cook, who began playing lacrosse in Virginia and now plays in the Carosse League Extreme, during these weekly meetings, the experienced members teach the new members the rules of the game and watch clips from lacrosse movies. In the fall, members of the club attended a Stanford Division I lacrosse game.

“It was a great bonding experience,” Tricia said.

To work with the newer members and improve their skills, club members meet outside of school as well.

“Sometimes we have practice on Saturdays at Santa Rita [Elementary School] to teach the girls basic stick skills, such as cradling, catching and throwing,” Tricia said.

From experts to people who have never picked up a stick in their life, this club strongly encourages anyone at any level to join and is a great place for girls who share a love of the sport.

“I absolutely love playing lacrosse, and this club gives me the chance to share my passion for it,” Tricia said. “I was new to the school, and it was a great way to meet some girls.”