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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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Lack of School Spirit Days Leaves Students in Daze

During homecoming week, students walked through the hallways wearing fairy wings, Harry Potter glasses and zombie costumes. It was funny to see that guy in math class wearing a shrunken superhero cape, and everyone enjoyed watching the Homecoming Court couples participate in the brunch activities while trying not to lose their crowns and tutus. But why is it that students are only given the opportunity to dress up during this one week out of the year?

The school should implement more spirit days throughout the year in order to give students the chance to have fun during those long and oftentimes stressful school days. Adding more dress- up days would also promote a sense of unity among students at the school.

Other than homecoming week and Halloween, there seems to be a lack of opportunities for students to dress up and have some fun. The school should add spirit days like Pajama Day and Crazy Hair Day to give students something to get excited about and to add some fun to the hectic school atmosphere. Being able to dress up like a Disney character or a famous athlete at school might make taking that chemistry test just a little less painful.

Elementary schools and middle schools have a variety of spirit days throughout the school year, and most students get really into it. It’s hard to spot someone not decked out in blue and gold on one of Egan Junior High’s spirit days. While it is true that these students are younger, that doesn’t mean that high school students can’t having fun dressing up as well. As is evident during homecoming week, many high school students enjoy dressing up too, and therefore the school should give students more opportunities to have fun like they did at their schools in the past.

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However, even during homecoming week, the number of students who dress up is not a majority. But simply adding more and more spirit days would make students feel more comfortable with the dressing up idea each time.

“If everyone [dressed up], then everyone [else] would join in,” sophomore Katie Gonsalves said.

Another way to get students to participate would be to give them an incentive. A prize given to the grade level with the most spirit could serve as a form of motivation.

Another important aspect of these spirit days is the unity that they would bring. During homecoming week, students are brought together by a common interest. When students are all walking downtown in the parade together or even sitting in the stands cheering their friends on in dodgeball, everyone feels a sense of belonging and pride for their school. No matter how different students may be from one another, everyone shares a common interest during these schoolwide activities, creating a stronger connection between students.

Spirit days allow these feelings to be expressed during the rest of the school year as well. Giving all students the chance to wear crazy hats or dress up as a movie character will give them a common activity over which they can bond and just feel more connected as a whole.

Plus, these spirit days would be easy to plan; all that is necessary are some posters to advertise and reminders on the daily announcements. This is a small price to pay for a benefit as large as greater school unity.

In a society filled with busy schedules, pressure from colleges, SATs, ample homework and test taking, students need whatever chances they can get to divert themselves from the stress factor that has become a part of their everyday lives.

Adding spirit days would allow students to de-stress just a little bit by incorporating an entertaining aspect to the average school day. Also, the benefit of more school unity and the easiness of adding these dress-up days make it all the more worthwhile. The school should implement more spirit days in order to boost the morale of the student body.

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