Lack of School Excursions Trips Up Students

Back in the days of elementary school, students would be able to take a break from the monotonous routine of class. Field trips to the Egyptian and Tech museums were an integral part of the curriculum and offered students an engaging way to learn while having fun.
Field trips are the best way to get that hands-on experience many students need to understand the basics of the subject taught. Students agree that field trips can be a useful teaching tool.
“I think for some classes it’s a good idea to go on field trips because it gives the students a hands-on experience and it enables them to learn the material better,” sophomore Peter Ambiel said.
The science department is the only one that has really taken the initiative to send its students on field trips. Last year, Biology teacher Suzanne Williams led an excursion to the Tech Museum’s “Body Worlds” exhibition.
“It’s just difficult,” Williams said. “One to get funding, two to get all the kids out of school.”
But even so, field trips enhance the overall learning experience and help students be more enthusiastic about the subject matter which they are learning about.
Despite all the difficulties, an effort to incorperate more field trips should be made. Field trips are educations, giving students an alternative to boring class work and tests.
After all, whenever students are asked what they remember from their elementary school days, they never remember the essays or the tests, but visits to the zoo or the local sewage plant.