Kickball Tournament Concludes

The ASB run kickball tournament came to a close today as the final two teams of the the initial 12, Team Smash and Free Bands $quad, faced off for the the win. Ultimately,Team Smash won with juniors Bryan Lai, Chase Eller, James Oleson, Joey Malgesini, Julia Goupil, Katie Trischler, Katie Winters, Meghan McDermott and Steven Lee.

The tournament kicked off last Wednesday, April 17. Each team played in single elimination games. The final game was fairly close until the fourth inning, but in the final inning, “Free Bands $quad” was not able to score any runs, ruining their chances for victory.

“Our team didn’t really play smart,” junior Sophia Hyver on Free Bands $quad said. “[Team Smash’s] fielding was better and they played more cohesively.”

Regardless of the outcome, both teams had a great time participating in the tournament and all players look forward to next year’s tournament.