Junior Girls Win Powderpuff Championship

The junior girls team dominated in the Powderpuff football finals game today, November 19, to achieve its second championship in a row. The junior girls team were coming off of a first round victory against the freshmen and the senior team had just beaten the sophomore team.

The juniors won 14-0 with two touchdowns and one two point conversion caught by Kacey Incerpi. Junior quarterback Sophia Hyver made a huge impact with her long runs as well as her canon of an arm while Katie Tritschler racked up sacs. Hanna Koehler, Austin Campitelli and Roxanne Rogers were quick on defense, pulling flags everywhere. Haleigh Miller and Amanda Jones made valuable contributions as well. Kendall Ng had a huge interception to turn the tide into the junior’s favor.

“We also ran actual plays today, but we could have been more organized with our offense overall,” junior Meghan McDermott said. “It was a very fun game and Powderpuff is definitely something our Junior Class takes a lot of pride in.”

Many students came to watch during lunch. Last years game took place during the halftime of a football game, but the timing worked out differently this year. Although very few juniors showed up to last week’s practice, they were able to work together and decisively win both games.

“Our coach, Steven [Lee], gave us a couple play suggestions, and told us who to guard,” junior Hannah Koehler said. “I think we did well because we followed his instructions and took the game seriously, but had a lot of fun at the same time.”

Lee indeed kept his players in line with engaging intensity, competitiveness and carefully thought-out play calls. The juniors will return for one last time next year and hope to make it a run of three.