Junior Charlie Atkins & Golden Retrievers Bentley and Frankie

February 12, 2020

Instagram: @atkinsboyz

Describe the boyz.
As the older brother, Bentley is a lot more patient, and he cares a lot for Frankie and looks out for him, so he also barks more. Frankie is more energetic and youthful, and he doesn’t bark as much. He’s full of energy, so Bentley and Frankie are very much opposites.

Do the boyz have any nicknames?
We call Bentley Ben, Benno, BenBen and Benson. We call Frankie Frank. Together you could call them Benjamin Franklin. That wasn’t intentional, but it is pretty funny.

Do the boyz have any naughty habits?
They jump a lot. When my friends come over, they’ll usually walk away with scratches, unfortunately. Occasionally, Frankie sneaks into the house and will eat slippers or something.

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