‘Journeyman’ Stuck in Past

There are so fads that just never die, unfortunately, television show and plots are no exception. “Journeyman” recycles the class time-traveler scenario and attempts to deliver a dose of modernism to this dour drama.

Kevin McKidd plays San Francisco journalist Dan Vasser, a devoted family man who starts having strange, frighteningly realistic “dreams.” These “dreams” take him back to 1987, where he meets up with his deceased fianceé, Livia. However, his presence in the past creates disturbances in his present life, and his constant disappearances take a toll on his marriage.

“Journeyman” attempts to interest viewers with short moments of suspense; however, it fails to make up for an entire hour of repetitive plot twists and turns. The strange events chronicled are meant to entertain, but instead create a mind-boggling journey that seems endless. The multiple flashbacks within the episode are confusing and often hard to follow. The storyline is unoriginal and difficult to keep track of because of the constant switching back and forth between the past and present that detracts from the real story.

The few action scenes featured are not memorable and only manage to confuse and bewilder the viewers.

The acting in “Journeyman” is what saves the show from being just another sci-fi time waster. McKidd’s performance is impressive, and he delivers as the perplexed Dan, unsure of his purpose in the past.

This is the show to watch if there is nothing else on, but otherwise find something more entertaining and keep flipping those channels. “Journeyman” airs Mondays at 10 on NBC.