Jon Tran is the Renaissance Man

Some people are born to be athletes. Others are meant to be superstars. But only Jon Tran is a true sports legend.

Jon has been a four-year varsity tennis player, a key component of the team every year, and he has also run varsity cross-country for two years. He recently ran a marathon, but he is trying to achieve possibly the greatest athletic achievement known to mankind: three-sport athlete.

Jon is playing varsity tennis again, but on top of this commitment, he is competing for the school’s track team and also training with the swim team. Jon is training to compete in a triathlon in June, and that is why he’s taken up swimming.

“I need to build up my endurance,” Jon said.

Jon also goes on the occasional bike ride to train, but he admits that he focuses the majority of his training on running, as he has a background competing in it.

Jon’s daily schedule is rigorous; he trains through the tree school sports and on his own. He usually heads out to the tennis courts around 3, finishes up at 4:30 and sprints to the track. After an hour, Jon then jumps into the pool to train for an hour or so. After swim practice he takes a quick break for dinner before heading to the gym to weightlift on his own.

With all the stress Jon has with his numerous activities, he is glad that coaches and teammates allow him the flexibility to fit everything in.

“High school athletics should serve two agendas: One is to achieve excellence, and the other to participate in organized sports,” boys swim coach Ed Samuels said. “Jon wants to participate, and I am happy to accommodate him.”

Jon plans on playing number one doubles this year along with fellow senior Hayden Smith. As a long-distance runner, Jon plans on competing in events such as the 3200m and the 1600m. Jon does not plan on competing in swim meets for what he believes to be a good reason.

“I’m the worst swimmer on the team,” Jon said with a laugh. “There is no way I can compete.”

The main thing that is noticed about Jon is his upbeat personality and how he always brings a good attitude to the courts, track and pool. Even with all the stress involved with being a multiple sport athlete, Jon is able to have fun, and it shows.

“He’s a great teammate to have on the team,” tennis player and swimmer senior Camille Fritsch said. “He is just so full of energy.”

It is not only his teammates who see this spunk he brings to his sports, but coaches as well.

“He’s so enthusiastic,” Samuels said. “He is willing to put in the extra time and effort no matter what.”

While he may not be the CCS champion in either tennis, track or swimming, in the end, his commitment to these three sports as well as track makes him a true hero in the world of sports.

“I’m very competitive,” Jon said. “And winning is always the goal.”