Job Fair Provides Opportunities for Students

The annual LAHS job fair took place in the cafeteria today, March 7. The event had many booths with representatives from local businesses and organizations. Representatives were available to answer students’ questions and give information about the available jobs.

Students were able to go to multiple booths to look for employment opportunities they could take on during the school year and summer.

“Hiring high school students is not something every [employer] will do,” sophomore Nick Bousse said. “It’s nice to be in an environment where people are interested in looking into someone who generally has less work experience. There’s actually a chance you can get hired.”

The organizations present during the fair included the City of Mountain View, Nova Youth Employment, Bald Eagle Summer Camp, Baskin-Robbins, Cinemark and Pacific Coast Kids Summer Camp. With a variety of employers in different fields, students were given a chance to explore new interests or pursue current interests.

“I just picked up an application to work at Shoreline this summer,” Nick said. “I grew up going to those camps, so hopefully I can use that experience to help me get a job teaching sailing at Shoreline this summer.”

[Photos by Amelia Evard]