Italian Transfer Student Adds Foreign Flair to School

While most students at school may know one foreign language, foreign transfer student senior Luca Ciaccarini knows Greek, French, Latin and English, not to mention his native Italian.

Luca arrived in the United States on Thursday, August 11. He is currently living with his hosts, the family of senior Olivia Santiago.

Luca is from Perugia, Italy, where he chose the former of two main types of schooling systems: a classical education and a more math/science-oriented education. His old school enrolled around 800 students–about half the number of those at LAHS.

To Luca, the school systems are simply different. For example, while teachers in Italy assign more homework, they usually give more than two days to complete it. Teachers at LAHS, on the other hand, assign less homework but expect it due the next day.

Although he has only been here for a few weeks, Luca has already found his favorite aspect of school.

“I like how we can change classes [every period] and meet different people,” Luca said. “[In Italy] we stayed with the same people for five years.”

Luca currently participates in choir and is on the varsity football team. He is applying to extend his Visa so that he can stay for more than the original six months.

“I want to get a diploma [from this school], then go to college here,” Luca said.