Isha Chudasama brings choir together through Instagram


courtesy Isha Chudasama

Isha smiles for the camera after performing at the three day All State Honor Choir concert, a state-wide audition-only music program.

The Los Altos High School Choir Instagram is well-known for being a high-spirited, boisterous page filled with concert photos, beaming faces and most eye-catching of all, energetic student videos. From entertaining promotional videos during course selection week to “Put These (Sunglasses) On and Pose” reels, one person is behind it all: Volare member senior Isha Chudasama.

Isha initially joined Chorale, the entry-level Choir, in her freshman year, and became increasingly involved in the program throughout the years. At the beginning of this school year, she took her leadership a step further by becoming manager of the Choir’s Instagram (@lahs.Choir).

“I always made reels of my friends, so I was like, how can I find an opportunity to do that and make a difference?” Isha said. “And I realized I could do it through Choir, because I love it and I felt like I could really spice up the Choir Instagram. And now that we have Instagram, I feel like everyone knows about us.”

“You can tell just from our Instagram that Isha really cares for the Choir program as a whole,” senior Milovan Bogdanic said. “She just really wants to present our image in a more genuine way.”

Her role in fully managing the Choir’s Instagram reflects her passion and willingness to dedicate herself to giving Choir a voice through digital platforms. Her end goal? To increase Choir’s presence on campus through Instagram.

“She has a lot of really fun ideas about ways that we can engage people on social media,” Choir Director Lauren Diez said. “Everyone’s on Instagram nowadays so we get community members that are following us, and it’s really fun for people to keep up with things that we’re doing”.

However, Isha’s reels do far more than attract publicity for the Choir — they bring the entire Choir department closer together as well, creating a sense of community beyond singing.

“People have a lot of fun doing the reels,” Isha said. “I made Volare come at 7:15 a.m. to film a reel and they were like, ‘we hate you.’ But the fact that everyone just showed up to do that and to be a part of it is what makes the team bonding aspect so significant.”

When making content, Isha works to be as inclusive as possible. Whether it’s simply saying hi in the hallways or encouraging underclassmen to be confident in themselves, she helps everyone in Choir feel comfortable and valued as an individual.

“She does her best to include all of the other Choirs equally,” sophomore Isa Baratoff said. “There’s a lot of varying levels of experience with Choir, but she always makes sure that the freshmen and Chorale Choir are confident in their abilities and environment.”

Perhaps more importantly, Isha’s inclusiveness gives prospective Volare members a glimpse of what their future could look like, inspiring them to continue Choir past the entry level.

“When she invites all the groups together, we have people from several Choirs that are all part of a bigger program, and students can kind of see themselves being in those other Choirs too,” Diez said.

She’s a natural leader. That’s just who she is, that’s her personality. She enjoys taking the lead on those things and her energy transfers to other people. When you’re around her, you kind of just take on that same enthusiasm.

— choir director Lauren

But beyond her inclusive and friendly demeanor, Isha’s trusted leadership also plays a role in bringing everyone together. During this year’s Valentine’s Serenades, Isha was in charge of organizing Choir singers and keeping the energy high with her positive attitude.

“She’s a natural leader,” Diez said. “That’s just who she is, that’s her personality. She enjoys taking the lead on those things and her energy transfers to other people. When you’re around her, you kind of just take on that same enthusiasm.”

“I feel like she’s just a little ball of sunshine, but in a realistic way,” sophomore Julia Fung said. “Not like, everything’s going to be perfect, but more so there’s an issue but we can work through this.”

Ultimately, Isha loves the Choir community, and that’s why she does so much, including taking on the hefty role of managing their Instagram account.

“Choir is just something I’m really strongly connected to.” Isha said. “When I’m walking down the hall I see people and they’ll be like, ‘Oh, hey, I loved your reel that you posted two days ago.’ And just seeing the reactions of others makes me want to make more things to show people.”