Is It In You?

In the middle of an intense baseball game, when your pants are torn to reveal your tighty-whiteys and your skin is seeping with perspiration and blood, you will need something to rejuvenate yourself. As you go to choose your drink of redemption between Gatorade and Vitamin Water, just remember the reliability Gatorade has exemplified as the original sports drink.

For many students, Gatorade is a part of their childhoods. Created in 1965, Gatorade is by far the oldest sports drink. Students have been drinking it their whole lives. Like a safeguarding mother, it was there through times of laughter and times of tears.

When people look for what drink to select, they are looking for that extreme factor. Gatorade and its variations such as “X-Factor,” “Rain” and “Fierce” are about as extreme as it gets.

Today’s student consumers live in a dog-eat-dog world. They do not need vitamins so much as they need the electrolytes and high doses of sugar in Gatorade to make them both mentally and physically tough enough to achieve the overall goal in life: winning. Winners are persistent and hard-working. They need to be constantly energized and rehydrated, so winners drink Gatorade. Is it in you? If not, you are probably a loser.

“Last year we were losing a baseball game,” junior Mat Snider said. “Then I opened up my Gatorade, and we came back to win.”

The idea that winners drink Gatorade is even proven through top-notch sports entertainment. When a team wins the Super Bowl, do they pour a cooler of Vitamin Water on their coach? No. They pour Gatorade.

Clearly, Gatorade is the original sports drink made to enhance the performance of one’s body and support physical activity. It has always provided its drinkers with the mindsets of champions. Gatorade, the forefather of bottled sports beverages, is the natural winner in this battle.