Introducing New Student Liaison

On Wednesday, December 4, Shanelle Cotton began her job as the new school student conduct liaison.

After working in a forensic hospital in Nebraska with the criminally insane, Cotton was looking for a job that would take her to California where she had previously lived for many years. Cotton is enjoying that this job is comparatively easier than the tolling one in Nebraska.

“It’s not as heavy as some of my other jobs,” Cotto said. “I come from a job enforcement background but this is along the lines of what I like to do. The consequences aren’t as strict.”

In the week that she’s been here, Cotton has familiarized herself with the school environment. Though the transition period between jobs can be straining, Cotton has had a relatively easy adjustment.

“[The transition period] has been smooth,” Cotton said. “The administration has been really nice, the teachers have been great. For the most part the students are very friendly and studious. And they’ve been very respectful at the same time which is very nice. It’s a welcomed change for me.”

Cotton has already developed goals for the future. She hopes to get involved with the boy’s volleyball team because she has experience coaching volleyball at the high school and collegiate level. Likewise, she hopes to expand on her position as student liaison by using her counseling background. Her biggest hope, however, is to be seen as someone students can rely on.

“If the students need me to talk to I’m here,” Cotton said. “I’d like to be a good support system for them instead of more like an authority figure. If I can help teach [students] some life lessons I’d love to do that.”