Intoxicated Students Rushed to Hospital

Heavily intoxicated students were rushed to the hospital by ambulance after passing out in the locker room during sixth period on Wednesday, March 4. According to Principal Wynne Satterwhite, there were two students involved. At least one was carried out on a stretcher by paramedics.

Athletic director Kim Cave witnessed the incident and met with police, paramedics and firefighters who arrived at the school around noon. Sixth period was earlier in the day than usual because Wednesday was a minimum day.

Satterwhite said her main concern is for the students’ health and safety now that they are in the hospital, but she noted that disciplinary action will be taken. There have been previous incidents of student intoxication on campus during school hours, according to Satterwhite. Suspension is the usual punishment, but it will depend on the incident’s specific circumstances. Satterwhite said the circumstances surrounding this case are not yet clear.

Immediately following the episode, Satterwhite and other staff and administrators met to debrief the incident.