Instrumental Music Performs in Spring Concerts

Instrumental music held its annual Spring Concert series yesterday, March 27 and today, March 28, in the Eagle Theatre. Yesterday, Concert Band, Symphonic Band and String Orchestra performed, and today, Wind Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra performed. Tickets were $10 for each night.

The concerts showcased each instrumental group’s growth over the year. Along with providing entertainment to the audiences, the concerts gave each instrumental music group something to learn from.

“It didn’t go as well as last time because we weren’t as well prepared, but the solos were still really good and we still did a nice job,” Symphonic Band member sophomore Karen Zellers said.

During the concerts, members of different ensembles performed with each other. Thursday night’s concert featured the String Orchestra and Concert Band, playing together in one combined symphony.

“I liked playing with the concert band and I feel like we played Russian Sailor’s Dance really well as a whole and [senior Hyeona Park] did an awesome job on the Mozart piece,” String Orchestra member sophomore Kelly Hayes said.

Tonight, Chamber Orchestra collaborated with Wind Ensemble for two pieces. The concert also included two piano pieces featuring sophomore Elaine Lee.

Overall, the concerts were an opportunity for each ensemble to present its work to the community.

“We worked pretty hard in preparation for this concert,” Symphonic Band member sophomore Ryan Wu said. “I feel as if that showed during the concert. Although there were some things that could have done better, given the degree of difficulty of the songs and the musicianship of our band, I feel as if we played very well.”