Humans of Los Altos

The Talon interviewed a variety of students asking them about their most memorable summer travel experience and plans for this upcoming summer. Here is what the students said:

Taylor Nguyen  (9)

“I went to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Sydney and we ate a lot of good food. We went to Sydney and climbed on top of the Sydney Harbor bridge. This summer I will go to Anaheim for volleyball and I am going to finish DriversEd this summer.”

Victor Feldman (9)

“Over the summer, I went to skate camp with one of my friends, and it was one week. We skateboarded intensely and it was a really cool experience.”

Arsh Merchant (10)

“My greatest summer memory is when I went to the UCLA summer program last year. It was a life changing experience because I got to explore and analyze what I want to do in the future. My favorite travel destination was going to Ecuador with my family.”

Cornelia Penn (11)

“This summer, I will be going to Cambodia and will be volunteering to teach kids English. I will also be a bridesmaid at my cousin’s wedding and will wear a traditional Cambodian sash and long pants.”

Bryce Li (11)

“The coolest place I’ve been to is Spain, that was a great place. I like the architecture and the cool history around it. There was really good food too, especially the grilled peppers were really good. This summer I’m going to see the Aurora Borealis in Iceland.”

Rashelle Goulib (12)

“I went to a camp called Camp Tuanga for three weeks in Yosemite. It was a lot of fun because we got to make up our own activities, like if you want to give goats a b’nai mitzvah or make oatmeal facials or go backpacking that is totally possible. This summer I am working as a camp counselor at a summer sleepaway camp in the beginning of the summer. I will also travel to France and Israel later in the summer before college.”

Dheeraj Gudipati (12)

“A couple of years ago I went to LA with my family and we visited Universal Studios and it was super fun. This summer I am going to New York in July. I will spend time with friends and family and get a job to get pocket money before I permanently move to New York for college in August.”

Kassia Engelmann (12)

“One summer I went to Saltsburg where the Sound of Music was filmed and we got to see the sets. We went on this bike tour and we got to do our own scene where we went to the flower field and sang to the Sound of Music sound with the Alps in the background.”