How To Get Justin Timberlake’s Haircut: The Neat Sweep

If summer 2013 was owned by the Scandinavian slick-back, the winter to come is about an altogether more comfortable look – the neat sweep, as seen recently on Justin Timberlake.

Though a sharply shaved back and sides combined with a strictly combed, wet-look top can look boyishly neat (see Becks and Gosling for proof), it’s not an easy cut to maintain and it has the potential to look a bit forced.

What’s more, in the past year the boys from Towie have done for the cut what Ritch from 5ive did for curtains in the late Nineties. Now is the time to embrace the understated: be it a softer take on the crop, an elegant, slightly longer side sweep or a more tousled look.

In this series, we show you four great-looking haircuts, and how to get them. First up, it’s this gentlemanly look from Mr Timberlake:

The Neat Sweep:
By Brent Pankhurst, owner, Pankhurst London

What to ask for: “The most important thing is to keep it neat and square at the sides; this helps connect the sides to the top and it will hold its shape better. Ask for a classic short back and sides with a side parting. The hair on top should be longer, almost like a quiff.”

Who should have it: “This is a very flattering cut; there are very few that this wouldn’t be good on. If your hair is receding, unless you have the confidence of Jack Nicholson, it’s best to avoid it. This style is good for thick, straight hair and also if you have a slight curl or wave.”

Where to wear it: “It’s a versatile cut; you can wear it walking around Hoxton or you can wear it working at a hedge fund in Mayfair. It looks great worn with either a suit or vintage Levi’s.”

THE PRODUCT: Pankhurst styling conditioner, £15