Homecoming: Themes of the Week

While “The British are Homecoming” is the central Homecoming theme, ASB has set up a specific theme and its corresponding activity for each day this week.

Tuesday, October 30:2012 Olympics
Students can dress up as their favorite Olympians. The Homecoming Court members will perform their skits for the school during second period.

Wednesday, October 31:Harry Potter
Expect plenty of wands, wizards, scars, and robes for Harry Potter. Students can also just dress in their Halloween costumes, and there will be a Halloween Costume Parade during brunch.

Thursday, November 1:British Invasion
This is the invasion of British music into America. Students can wear band T-shirts like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, One Direction or any British Band that has invaded the U.S. airways. Students can also just dress up in Rock ‘n’ Roll attire. There will be a “Don’t Forget The Lyrics” activity in the quad during brunch.

Friday, November 2:Homecoming T-shirts and Parade
All students should wear their “The British Are Homecoming” t-shirts. Friday will be a minimum day so that students can go to downtown Los Altos to see the Homecoming parade.