Homecoming 2021 FAQs


Elyssa Kennedy

COVID-19 cases have been rising throughout the District.

With Los Altos High School’s annual Homecoming dance coming up this Saturday, October 30, The Talon compiled a list of frequently asked questions and additional information on COVID-19 safety measures for students to know before they attend the dance.

What are the mandated COVID-19 safety measures?

LAHS cannot require vaccinations or testing, but masks are required at all times, according to Assistant Principal Suzanne Woolfolk, with the exception of when students are eating. Extra masks will be provided at the dance.

How will COVID-19 safety measures be enforced?

Upon entry, each student will be given two wristbands — one will distinguish students by grade, and the other is a uniform blue given to all students. The first time a student is seen without a mask, their blue wristband will be cut. If they’re caught without a mask a second time, they’ll lose their second wristband and be asked to leave the dance.

“You get one chance for a learning experience,” Woolfolk said. “You get one warning, but that’s it. You don’t get two warnings, it’s just too important for people’s health.”

All the LAHS administrators, class advisors and eight additional adjunct chaperones will be supervising students at the dance to ensure masks stay on.

Why is the dance being held on the turf?

LAHS decided to hold the dance on the turf this year to avoid COVID-19 safety violations. Mountain View High School paid $4,000 for a dance floor that fit about 200–300 students in an outside setting. However, over 500 kids ended up trying to dance in that space, according to Woolfolk.

“We’ll have tables all around the dance floor with board games,” Woolfolk said. “Beyond that there’s cornhole and spikeball and other games to give people things to do outside of the dance floor.”

Will there be a mosh pit?

No. Due to typical safety measures in addition to the nature of county and District COVID-19 safety regulations, students will not be able to “mosh”. Students also won’t be able to climb on top of other student’s shoulders.

How will students be breathalyzed?

Students will be selected at random to get breathalyzed upon entrance, according to Woolfolk. Students getting breathalyzed will wear face shields and be turned away from others at the dance. The tops of the breathalyzer will be changed for each student.

What will students be able to bring to the dance?

Students will need to bring their school ID cards, but are not allowed to bring any additional items to the dance, including bags and backpacks. There won’t be a coat check for students to store their belongings, but 200 chairs will be available for students.

“Dress warmly, not like we’re in the tropics,” Woolfolk said. “It’s going to get into the 50s. Students won’t be able to bring things in and out of the field because bags aren’t allowed, but they should bring a jacket.”

For shoes, no stilettos are allowed, only flats, block heels or wedges.