Here’s how Los Altos students voted in our mock election


Jnn13 via Wikimedia Commons

The Talon hosted a mock election, where students voted on national, state and local issues.

The Talon hosted a mock election for Los Altos High School students that ran from last Wednesday, October 28, through yesterday. All LAHS students received the ballot in their emails, and a total of 179 students participated, voting on the same candidates and propositions that appear on the official ballot. Here are the results.

National and State

For the presidential election, Joe Biden won 73% of the vote, Donald Trump won 14.6% and other candidates won the remaining 12.4%. 

In the election for the U.S. House of Representatives 18th District of California, Democratic incumbent Anna Eshoo won 59.5% of the vote, while challenger Rishi Kumar won 37.3% and write-in candidates won 3.2%.

In the races for seats in the California legislature, voting followed similar patterns to the presidential election.


Students were sorted into different city elections based on their chosen city of residence.