Healthy Hydration for Every Occasion

After a hot and sweaty sports practice, all you probably want to do is sit back, relax and drink a refreshing and ice-cold sports drink. When making this important decision among two of the leading sports drinks, Gatorade and Vitamin Water , remember this: Gatorade is old news while Vitamin Water is the newer, classier beverage of champions.

Vitamin Water has 17 different flavors as opposed to Gatorade’s wimpy 7. Each flavor fits the physical needs of different people and gives drinkers a wider selection of delicious tastes.

For example, some are targeted at strength while others are meant for energy boosts. Vitamin Water is also made of vitamins that are best for consistent energy, while Gatorade is filled with sugars and is much less healthy.

“Gatorade makes me more dehydrated after,” freshman Sparsha Saxena said. “Vitamin Water is more refreshing.”

Even worse, have you ever imagined enjoying crunchy, slimy beetles? It is not just your imagination: You may actually have already consumed some.

Gatorade’s company uses crushed insects in the Red 40 dye to color its red sports drinks. Vitamin Water has no such artificial dyes or preservatives.

Vitamin Water also dazzles its fans with its pretty and colorful label and wide array of charming colors. Its label includes a clever description of the drink. The Gatorade label, on the other hand, simply consists of nutrition facts, which should not even be included since Gatorade is hardly nutritious.

Finally, Vitamin Water just tastes better. Why deny its refreshing, fruity, sweet and superior taste?

Sports drinkers should turn to this delicious and health-friendly alternative in response to an unhealthy era of Gatorade. Is it in you? It should not be.