Hawaiian BBQ Showdown

Chicken, pork, beef and seafood are the only meats at Lilo’s Hawaiian BBQ but the endless ways each of these meats can be cooked is what keeps the customers coming. Whether it be the special Hawaiian Barbeque Beef or the Chicken Katsu there is a way each hungry person that enters the store leaves full. Located in Mountain View on Showers Drive, Lilo’s can easily be driven to during lunchtime, and students can make it there and back with plenty of time to spare. The friendly atmosphere and great food delivered to you in a short amount of time keeps the customers happy. Not only is the quality of the food great, but the quantity of food is more than satisfying as well. With two heaping mounds of rice and the delicious pasta salad that goes along with the selection of meat, most customers are more than stuffed. For many, the mini does the job. But for the big eater the regular gives you plenty of food. Pricing is cheap running from 7$ to 10$. Lilo’s restaurant is clean and well maintained. Most feel perfectly safe eating the food that comes from there, and another plus is the bathroom. Some judge the quality of the restaurant from the bathroom, and theirs is plenty clean.

L&L Hawaiian Barbeque has been satisfying customers since 1976. It too has chicken, pork, beef and seafood, and all these meats can be cooked the exact same fashion as at Lilo’s. The one difference that separates L&L from Lilo’s is the addition of some items on the menu. L&L serves burgers, and it is also able to cook the meat a couple different ways than at Lilo’s. Customers receive the same sides at L&L as they would at Lilo’s, and the amount of food seems to remain the same as well.

In terms of driving distance, there is no way that students would be able to make it to L&L Hawaiian barbeque and back in one lunch period. It is located at 2430 East Charleston Rd. Mountain View.
In terms of quality of restaurant, it is clearly not as clean as Lilo’s. Walking into the restaurant, customers may be a bit concerned about the cleanliness, but customers should be assured that they will be glad with the way the food tastes.

Since both of the Hawaiian barbeques offering pretty much the exact same food and the exact same quantity of food, customers would have to pick Lilo’s Hawaiian barbeque based off of cleanliness. The atmosphere is much more warm, and it just seems much more clean. Everything is wiped down, and food is delivered to your seat. The people working there always seem to be happy, and there had never been a problem with the wrong order or something of that sort. Both of the places have excellent quality of food, and it was a hard choice to select one over the other.