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Harry Allen

Harry Allen, Activities Comissioner

What are your goals for next year?

My main objective for next year is to have more participation for brunch activities because that’s the main part of my job. The ways I want to do that is to really try and push to include clubs and club members. It would be a fantastic opportunity for many people to promote their club, spread awareness and promote sign ups.

What about this position attracts you?

I love activities because I was activities associate this year and thought it was fun being able to be free in my ideas. I love the music and the atmosphere and trying to get people to come and join in.

Why do you think this position is important to you?

When I was an [underclassman] and saw the brunch time activities, I looked forward to those. I want to do that again and make it so that everyone’s looking forward to coming out. Also having a laugh during second period when they’re watching the videos is important because people are very stressed with high school, and being able to have brunch time to destress with wacky games at brunch is overall fun.

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