Haiti Solidarity Shows Movie to Raise Funds

On Wednesday, October 30, the Haiti Solidarity club showed the movie “Harvest in Hope” in the Eagle Theatre to raise money.

The movie depicted the Haitian people’s struggles for democracy through the election and overthrowing of president Aristide. Along with the movie, the Haiti Solidarity club invited Pierre Labousierre to speak about Haitian democracy today.

The entry cost to watch the movie and presentation was $10. Along with the movie, the Haiti Solidarity club provided a free dinner in the cafeteria to those that wanted to see the presentation.

“We made almost $1000 in tickets and donations from the audience,” junior Ya’el Weiner said.

Though the movie was organized by the club members, it was history teacher Seth Donnelly’s contacts and devotion that enabled Pierre Labousierre to speak and improved the event.

The Haiti Solidarity club is willing to show more movies in the future.

“We pretty much have all of our fundraisers/events planned out for the whole year, [but we may] find another movie about Haiti we like and show that,” Ya’el said.

After the success of both their recent movie showing and calculator drive, the Haiti Solidarity club is moving towards a bright future for the children in Haiti.